Stay Alive EP

by A Closer Ending

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released 02 July 2012



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A Closer Ending Panama, Panama

A Closer Ending is a five piece band from panama formed in 2008 they play a metalcore based style with influences from Stick To Your Guns, The Devil Wears Prada, Haste The Day, Winds of plague, August Burns Red and Emmure.

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Track Name: Moments Ft. Angel de Swallow My Pride
Our time has come
Pictures and memories from the past
Trying to collapse inside my head
Everything will be just fine they say
Our time is now
And the place is here
Look at this bright morning sun
Enjoy every second of this moment
Everything will be just fine
Don't worry, I'ts OK to be afraid
You always break your promises
I wont break mine
My words have weight and value
Trust me, I will be forever in this place
Watching the same sun coming down
Waiting for you
Screams and goodbyes
In this place we don't know the meaning of those words
Aprendemos a amar
Cada momento cada segundo
Esto sera por siempre
Solo quedate junto a mi
Track Name: Rainsteps
Stay alive stay shine
Death is around us
Got no place to hide
Where is the light?
It is all darkness
I can't see the signs
I wont leave you here
You wont be alone
Raise the view to front
See the rainsteps
follow them keep this way and you' ll be safe
Something is behind us keep running
I wont leave you here
Together will get out of this
Stay with me
Every scar has a history and
I'd become stronger that day
Your memories reminds me how fool I was
Now I know more about lies
People say life gets better and its truth
Just be positive and let no one break you down
Being real in life is the art of choose the right decisions
And will be your most powerfull tool
Track Name: Shimova
They said that this is over
I say it just started
We are ready for the war
Standing together standing strong
No there´s no limit to our dreams
Options comes out with good decisions
Choose your way
Don't be afraid
Sky is the only limit
Go and take it
Fight for fight for it
Make your dreams become real
You are the one that leads this life
This is your time to shine
You have your friends right by your side
So let's fight for what's ours by right
Track Name: Vanstraten
See through those eyes
Those beautiful eyes
That watch me go by
They´re crawling for desire
This time I´ll see
This time I´ll fight
Lets go to war
Cause I will shut you out
This time I´ll be
Moved by myself
Lets go to war
Cause I will shut you out
I´ll teach you how to fix your mess
You will know that I'm not different from you
Don´t judge without know
You just lost your believes
When I tried to go forward
You stopped me and pull me back
You pulled me out of my way
And I´ll fight back
I am the ghost that protects your soul
I came from you
I will take your bad thoughts away
You will be safe
Cause I´m the ghost that protects your soul
Just take a deep breath
Clear out your memories
Think about now
What is right in your life
Don't need to be a fake
Just be yourself
Let them talk
Be free
And do the best that you can
I am your angel you call your conscience